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Miracle Cash & More: Amsterdam Store Heralds A New Era For Blockchain


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By Kaleb Zewdineh

As first forecast blockchain was seen as technology which would provide its users two things — anonymity and security. It was a form of transaction perfectly suited to the new digital age. Then again things changed with many hailing it as a new mass currency. Of course such changes aren’t surprising let’s not forget that Amazon was originally a retailer for used books.

A cutting-edge but, modest store in the vibrant heart of Amsterdam signals the next stage of what many call “the phyigital economy” the blending of digital and physical consumer trends.

In a groundbreaking move that heralds a new dawn for blockchain and cryptocurrency, Miracle Cash & More has unveiled its latest venture:

This physical manifestation of innovation represents a significant departure from traditional cryptocurrency exchanges, providing a tangible space where investors can convene, transact, and immerse themselves in the intricacies of blockchain technology firsthand.

Nestled in Amsterdam, a burgeoning fintech hub within Europe, Miracle Cash & More’s latest endeavor is an example of a dynamic ecosystem for startups in the Netherlands.

By establishing a physical presence in one of Europe’s foremost financial centers, the company aims to provide a gateway for investors to explore the world of digital assets while simultaneously positioning itself as a catalyst for innovation in the region.

Situated at Kalverstraat 147, the Amsterdam store is poised to become a focal point for both seasoned investors and newcomers alike. Offering an immersive experience into the realm of cryptocurrency, the store boasts expert guidance and consultation services to navigate the complexities of digital finance effectively.

Miracle Cash & More’s expansion into Amsterdam not only bolsters its presence in the European market but also serves as a conduit for Turkish startups seeking to tap into the region’s burgeoning fintech landscape.

“The Amsterdam store as a bridge between cultures and economies, fostering cross-border innovation and investment opportunities,” said Serdar Özerman, Product Manager at Miracle Cash & More.

American Connection

Beyond its European ambitions, Miracle Cash & More has set its sights on global prominence, exemplified by its recent acquisition of Metaterra Corp, an OTC firm based in the United States. This strategic move underscores the company’s commitment to facilitating the expansion of American startups into the European market, thereby enriching the global cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Moreover, Miracle Cash & More seeks to catalyze the growth of blockchain technologies and Web 3.0 applications by providing a platform for startups to showcase their projects and connect with potential investors. The retail sector is just one part of this. This initiative is poised to usher in a more dynamic and inclusive financial landscape, characterized by innovation and collaboration.

The unveiling of Miracle Cash & More’s Amsterdam store comes at a pivotal moment when interest in cryptocurrencies and digital finance technologies is reaching unprecedented levels. With its secure, user-friendly, and innovative services, including the revolutionary Miracle Cash Token, the company is poised to capitalize on this burgeoning momentum, redefining the standards of cryptocurrency exchanges in the process.

“The store we opened in Amsterdam, one of the central cities of Europe, can be called a great gateway to entrepreneurship. We will be offering a unique service for all entrepreneurs not only to expand into Europe, but also to target the World,” said Ünsal Koç, Miracle Cash & More Netherlands Operations General Manage

Indeed the globalization of phygital expirence is one of the current growing trends in the global economy from the recent start-up launched in Vietnam by two former Google engineers to the increase and ready availability to use digital currencies in roof top bars in Dubai.

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