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UK tulip field that is ‘like the Netherlands’ is perfect for spring day trips


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A COLOURFUL farm near Crawley in West Sussex resembles one of Amsterdam’s most famous attractions.

From mid-April to the beginning of May, holidaymakers flock to the Netherlands to visit the country’s top tulip fields.


Tulleys Tulip Farm has been likened to the Netherlands by visitorsCredit: instagram/@tulleystulips
There are over 500,000 tulips on display at the farm


There are over 500,000 tulips on display at the farmCredit: instagram/@tulleystulips

Fuelled by the need for fresh selfies for social media, seasonal flower fields have become the hot UK attraction of the moment, with tulip farms across the UK currently hogging the limelight.

And one place that’s been likened to the Netherlands by visitors is Tulleys Tulip Farm in West Sussex.

Every April, the Sussex-based farm transforms into a “kaleidoscope of colour” when more than 500,000 tulips bloom in the spring.

Stretching for more than 10km, the Tulip Fest at Tulleys Farm features over 100 different varieties of tulips.

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A statement on the website says: “As you meander through the fields, you will be enveloped in a vibrant tapestry of colours, ranging from the deepest purples and blues to the most luminous yellows and reds.

“Each variety of tulip adds its own unique charm and character to the landscape, creating a mesmerising visual feast.”

Dotted throughout the display are 15 dedicated selfie stations, where visitors can take picturesque photos for their social media pages, including one spot near the farm’s windmill.

In a nod to the Netherlands, Dutch street food is also on sale at the farm, with the pancakes already proving popular among visitors.

Also at the farm is a Tulip Bar where cocktails, beers and soft drinks can be purchased.

The site can be reached on a direct train from London Bridge to Three Bridges Station, which takes just 35 minutes.

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From Three Bridges Station, visitors will need to take a taxi to the farm, which should take around 10 minutes.

Tulleys Tulip Farm is a 40-minute drive from Brighton, and it’s a 90-minute drive from Portsmouth.

While the farm is closed every Monday, it’s open for the rest of the week, with extended opening hours operating at the weekend.

Weekend tickets are already sold out, with only limited availability remaining in the week.

Tickets start from £12 per person and can cost as much as £15 per head.

Tulleys Tulip Fest has already been praised by visitors on TripAdvisor, with one person saying: “We had a wonderful experience being able to view a tulip field without having to travel to the Netherlands.”

Another person added: “This experience gives the same wow as going to the Netherlands – just on a smaller scale.”

Someone else wrote: “The Tulips are beautiful, colourful and in full bloom.

“There are wardens there making sure people don’t step on them or pluck them which is wonderful to see.”

Other flower fields to visit

Other seasonal flower patches are also set to open at the farm later this year, including a sunflower field and a pumpkin patch.

There are plenty of other well-known tulip fields in the UK, including Norfolk Tulips – although tickets have already sold out online.

Hampton Court Palace also has its own tulip festival, with more than 100,000 flowers on display.

There are plenty of other seasonal flower fields to visit in the UK, including Alnwick Gardens.

Alnwick Gardens is home to a 328-strong cherry orchard, which transforms into a sea of white every spring.

Rivalling the spring blossoms of Mount Fuji and Tokyo, Japan, The Alnwick Garden is the ideal location to capture the tree’s brief flowers.

Whether it be for romantic walks or pictures for Instagram, the orchard is one of the UK’s most popular cherry blossom locations.

The orchard’s type of Taihaku cherry tree named Great White is known for its snow-coloured flowers that can grow up to 6cm in width.

Other flower fields to visit in the UK

Fuelled by the need for fresh selfies for social media, flower fields are proving popular with Brits.

  1. Garson Farm in Esher, Surrey, has sunflower and dahlia fields for the photo opp, as well as PYO fruit and vegetables. Visitors have to buy a farm pass to visit, which costs £5 for an adult and £2 for a child.
  2. Hitchin Lavender, which made its name thanks to the purple blooms, has a lavender museum, as well as a wild flower meadow. Entry to the fields costs £7 when bought in advance online.
  3. Alnwick Garden receives over 350,000 visitors every year thanks to its 328-strong cherry orchard. The best time to capture their beauty is during the end of April and the beginning of May – although this time differs depending on the weather.

Meanwhile, Brit holidaymakers who want to visit a field of flowers might want to try the Rose Valley in Bulgaria.

Located south of the Balkan Mountains, the Rose Valley is entirely unique to Bulgaria.

Tickets to the farm start from £12 per person


Tickets to the farm start from £12 per personCredit: instagram/@tulleystulips
The farm is just 35 minutes away from central London


The farm is just 35 minutes away from central LondonCredit: www.tulipfarm.co.uk

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