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Tipico Considers Gender-Based Betting Habits


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This past September, gambling industry observers were either stunned or tickled when Eilers & Krejcik named tiny Tipico’s online casino app the best in the U.S. The following month, Tipico launched an improved version of this app in New Jersey, the only state where its iCasino is live. (Tipico’s sports betting app is live in Colorado, Iowa, New Jersey, and Ohio.)

At the time of the Eilers & Krejcik report, Tipico accounted for a mere 0.1% of U.S. mobile casino market share. There’s only one way to go from there, and that’s up, a fitting inclination considering how bullish Tipico is on the U.S. market.

“Currently, more states regulate sports betting than online casino games, but we expect this to change,” Tipico CEO Adrian Vella said as part of his 2024 forecast last month. “And in terms of building long-term customer value, casino products provide an easier path. Tipico has invested significantly in our casino product with this in mind.”

He also addressed the subject of cross-selling, saying, “We see two streams of revenue on the horizon. One is male-heavy with a preference toward sports betting, so we are investing in our sportsbook experience while also cross-selling table games to this audience. We also see a distinct and compelling opportunity in the opposite journey for female customers, attracting this audience with slot games and cross-selling our sportsbook experience.”

In a followup conversation with US Bets, Tipico’s vice president of casino, Claire Alexander, struck a more measured tone when assessing the state of online casino expansion in America.

“Casino is definitely not expanding at the same rate as sports betting,” she acknowledged. “It’s maturing but kind of complicated. I think we are seeing more measures around responsible gaming in states where it is live. I think we’re seeing huge tax revenue for states that are operating online casino, so you would hope that other states would start to see the benefit that online casino can bring and they can do this in a way where it’s responsibly managed.”

Detailing gender differences

Alexander went on to elaborate on what Tipico sees as differences in gambling behavior among genders.

“We still have that link with the male audience — the ones that are more sports focused tend to navigate to table games because it’s a strategic approach that can beat the dealer,” said Alexander. “Women tend to go more for escapism and that distraction from everyday life. Their enjoyment isn’t necessarily creating stress, where as you know, when you bet on a sport, there’s an element of stress involved in watching the event. I have friends who won’t bet on their own team because they don’t want the stress. [Female gamblers] want something that will just entertain you.”

That being said, Alexander remains optimistic that Tipico can attract more female customers to sports betting.

“A lot of our female players, there’s definitely an opportunity for them to be interested in sports,” she said. “You look at the growth of women’s soccer, for example, over the past 12 months. There’s obviously interest there. How do we leverage that opportunity better? We’re going to learn more about our customers and how the demographics respond to certain campaigns.” 

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