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The Way Too Early Tiering Of NFL QBs Going Into The Offseason


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Today is a sad day. Even though most of our teams have been out of the running for weeks(if not months), today marks the countdown to the draft and then the even longer countdown to OTAs. All your team’s hopes and dreams are going to take shape at a GRUELING pace and all we can do is count down the minutes. Or start blowing dust loads into your slacks for pitchers and catchers like Klemmer. 

Anyway, I saw a whole ton of QB rankings out there during Super Bowl week and I wanted to give it a stab of my own. Here is MY QB tier ranking. 

Lets start out with the heavies. Obviously Mahomes is one-of-one and nobody can touch him. If he maintains his current velocity, he’s gonna end up as the greatest QB of all time. After that, we got 4 guys that would be delivering elite play regardless of the supporting cast they have. Jackson and Allen have both been blessed with solid coaching and talented rosters around them but they both create. Burrow had a swiss cheese line and sub-par defense, both of which were eventually fixed over time and he produced with both. And Herbert, oh buddy. Zero healthy players, no run game, a bozo coach and a defense that gave up the most points in football since he’s been drafted. Still setting every record possible in the “Fastest to XYZ category”. Anyway, all four of these guys routinely make plays that blow your mind. In the B tier I have 4 really solid QBs that I think are highly elevated by the extremely good supporting casts around them (Purdy, Hurts, Tua and Goff) and then 2 guys that I think are a smidge above that in Stafford and Stroud. 

To me, Dak and Kirk are mirror images of each other. They’ll always have the stats and you’ll always bet agains them the second they get into a playoff game. Jordan Love turned it on at the end of the year and I think he’ll take a step maybe 2 tiers up in this next season. And Baker, man, I’m just happy he has a home. The D tier is just guys that its tougher to get a read on. All three of them have had great plays, injuries and really bad moments last year. E is similar to D but I’m more sure that Wilson and Fields don’t have the juice and Richardson/Young/Levis are in the “too early to tell” type of zone right now. Richardson for injury and Young because his supporting cast was garbage. 

F tier is a starter that can do you well in a pinch but is obviously not your long term guy. Love ’em, especially Minshew but they just can’t be your answer at the position. Flacco is too old, Carr is circling the drain and Daniel Jones is maybe a tougher call. The Giants O line stunk this year and he’s really never had a reliable receiver for as long as he has been in the league. My initial thought is that it’s not that bad considering his contract was pretty team-friendly. Then I looked it up and saw that he has a bigger cap hit this coming season than Josh Allen so I feel less bad being down on him. 

The backup grouping in self explanatory. They’re obviously not as good as the guys in the F tier but are solid dudes. Out of that grouping, Browning was probably the most impressive last year. Came out of nowhere, stepped into some MASSIVE shoes, and went 4-3 with 215 YPG, 70% completion, 12 touchdowns and 7 picks.

Hell is also self explanatory. These are guys you do not want taking a snap for your team because they are turnover/sack machines, ineffective, perverts, or sometimes all 3. 

Tommy, Tommy, Tommy. What a special moment you had. Every Italian guy I grew up with was posting up a storm on facebook. You did an appearance at my friend’s bar in Livingston, NJ. Your agent looks like he is straight out of a Tim Robinson skit. Just amazing stuff and we will never forget you even when you’re starting for the Tacoma Elk Rustlers. 

Last and most certainly least, the guys we forget about but do the Leo point meme when they come on screen in garbage time or in relief of a starter. If they’re forced to start a game, you bet your ass they are gonna stink it up or, at best, have one good game that makes you second guess for a split-second only for them to fall to earth the next game. Here’s lookin’ at you, Bagent. 

Agree? Disagree? Let me know:

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