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NFL Fans Shocked By Bizarre Report That Tom Brady Wants To Become A Stand-Up Comic


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Unnamed sources have claimed future Pro Football Hall of Famer Tom Brady wants to start a new career as a stand-up comic.

Seriously, this is a report that was published on Monday by RadarOnline.com.

Why on God’s green Earth would Tom Brady want to try stand-up comedy?

According to the report…

The Tampa Bay Buc’s ego inflated when Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin and Rita Moreno gushed over him in the recent comedy flick 80 for Brady, and sources said the experience left him feeling like an all-pro comic.

Radar also reports that Tom Brady’s inner circle has been trying to talk him out of trying to do stand-up.

One source who claims to have heard Tom Brady’s stand-up comedy material told Radar, “Tom was a terrific quarterback, but he needs to toss this idea before it’s too late,” adding, “As a comic — he’s strictly a water boy.”

This “insider” also said, “The ladies were super nice to him and he did a nice job reading professionally written material in a small part — but he’ll be playing in a whole different league if he takes up the stand-up stage.”

But wait… it gets weirder.

Supposedly one of the jokes this insider claims Brady told went like this: “What did the linebacker say to the flight attendant? Put me in coach!”

Is there a dad jokes comedy tour that we aren’t aware of out there?

NFL fans shared their reactions to this bizarre report.

“This 100% negates @TomBrady’s entire #NFL career,” one football fan tweeted.

“A little early for an April Fool’s post,” joked another.

“A retired quarterback, a divorced dad, and a television football analyst walk into a bar… That’s not a setup to a joke! That’s just Tom Brady’s life right now! But it could be…” someone else tweeted.

“The byproduct of never being told no?” another fan asked. “Outstanding quarterback play doesn’t insure being good at anything else. He should listen to his friends, especially the ones who say this is a stupid idea.”

On the plus side, since he has already said has no intention of joining the Fox football broadcast team for the 2023 season, Tom Brady has got a lot of free time between now and the fall of 2024 to hone his stand-up comedy chops.

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