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Netherlands MPs Strive to Ban Online Slots and Gambling Ads


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Netherlands’ House of Representatives has just taken a major step in remodeling the future of online gambling industry. The authority voted for prohibiting online gambling ads and “high-risk” web gambling, including online slots. This decision is result of agreement of all authority members.

Background of this Decision

This step has been first suggested by Socialist party MP Michiel van Nispen and it quickly got massive support in the community. The House of Representatives also gave green light for obligatory financial risk checks connected to gambling and identification terms. All in all, the house gave green light for 114 motions during different debates organized in the previous week. As a result, ten debates have been accepted including the prohibition of online and slots like games of huge risk.

Before the latest step in the country, another motion on a full prohibition of gambling advertising was set in motion by MP Derk Boswijk back in February 2024. However, this didn’t receive approval and was dismissed. Next, similar motion was proposed by Michiel van Nispen last week passing with 77 votes. This latest ban will entail ban of all online advertising sorts, involving targeted ads.

Change in Dutch Gambling Market

This latest decision comes after Dutch untargeted advertising ban that became operative on 1 July, 2023. This led to the total ban on mass radio advertising, TV, outdoor locations, as well as written media. The prohibition has also included sports sponsorships, while sponsorship agreements are in the interim period.

Another motion approved by Van Nispen, with accent on online gambling was also at huge risk. The Socialist party thinks that a situation should be created for prohibiting games of chance, but online slots should be the first and the most important example. This is because users cannot affect the result of the game and 79 MPs said yes for this motion.

The next move is in the hands of Franc Weerwind, the Minister for Legal Protection in the Netherlands, who should take a look and give green light to official law.

Weerwind was supporter of responsible gambling but he never insisted on harsher measures. Back in December 2023, he disclosed new steps for players protection, including demanding from providers to reach out to players who put a deposit limit of €350. Operators are also required to let players know about high-risk gambling involvement related to wagered amount.

Other ideas by Weerwind’s include showing financial amounts in euros and insisting on additional research on all-inclusive gaming limits.


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