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LSU’s Angel Reese channels Deion Sanders amid drama


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Amid drama, LSU’s Angel Reese draws inspiration from Deion Sanders, emphasizing self-worth during her mysterious absence from the team.

LSU women’s basketball star Angel Reese has recently become the center of attention, not just for her on-court performance but also for the drama surrounding her recent absence from the team’s games.

The situation intensified when Reese did not play in LSU’s most recent game against Southeastern Louisiana on Nov. 17, following a mysterious benching during the second half of a prior victory against Kent State on Nov. 14. Head coach Kim Mulkey has been notably cryptic regarding Reese’s situation, leading to rampant speculation on social media.

Amid this growing controversy, Angel Reese has taken a unique approach to address the situation, drawing inspiration from Colorado Buffaloes head coach Deion Sanders. In a recent Instagram story on Sunday, Reese shared a clip from Sanders’ in an August press conference.

“Look at me,” Sanders said in the video, as reported by Andrew Holleran of The Spun. “What about me would make you think that I care about your opinion of me.

“Your opinion of me is not the opinion that I have of myself. You ain’t make me so you can’t break me. You didn’t build me so you can’t kill me.

You know what, God established me, so there ain’t nothing you can do to me.

“I’ve been him. I’ve been a difference-maker, a game changer. I’ve been that guy. So what would change? Not a darn thing.

“I’m not even playing the game and you’ve got an opinion of me. I love it but I don’t care and I wish the world thought like that.

“Youngsters, if you’re out there right now, do not give a darn about what opinions people have of you. As long as that opinion is not consistent of that of yourself.

“You be you. I’m not paying to make you feel good about me. I already feel good about me. I’m good. Message for the youngsters out there and the old school.”

Deion Sanders’ message, stressing the irrelevance of others’ opinions and the importance of self-belief, resonates in  Angel Reese’s current context and seems to mirror her own stance as she faces public scrutiny.

Reese, amidst the swirling rumors, briefly engaged with her followers on social media, attempting to quell the speculation surrounding her absence from the court, tweeting on X, “Please don’t believe everything you read.”

As LSU gears up for their next game against Texas Southern on Monday night, the spotlight remains on Reese, with fans and spectators eager to see if she will make her return to the lineup. Her situation, still shrouded in mystery, continues to be a topic of intrigue in the world of women’s college basketball.

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