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Five cyber-security tips to secure your online shopping and memories


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We live in the internet age, where online food ordering, shopping, and socializing permeate every aspect of our life. Therefore, more cybercrimes are becoming possible as more and more areas of our life go online. The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology reports that 13.91 lakh cyber security incidents occurred in India in 2022. This data suggests that there is little chance that cybercrimes will get reduced or abolished as we advance, emphasizing the importance of cyber security.

Moreover, given how vulnerable our data has become due to the easy availability of the internet, it has become simple for attackers to access our data and use it to their advantage. Especially during the festive season when people go on a buying spree to purchase the best gifts for their lover, which allows their data to get more exposed, thereby making it easy for hackers to conduct crimes. They tend to lure people with emails and links redirecting to the best gifts for their lovers, which end up infecting the individuals’ devices. Cyber security is vital as it protects people and devices from falling prey to cyber-attacks.

Here are five cyber security tips to secure your online shopping and memories:
Avoid unknown sites: When shopping online, purchasing from a known location is highly recommended. Sometimes our friends might suggest some sites to us and those sites might look very enticing in terms of gifting options. Those websites might have drive-by download threats that could harm the data on your device. Moreover, these attacks do not require you to click anything; instead, they just break your system by inserting malicious software as soon as you land on the website. To avoid becoming a victim to such attacks, it is advised to purchase from reliable, legal and secure sites.

Use social media with caution: Given that social media has become our constant source of information and entertainment, it has paved the way for attackers to obtain our personal information and misuse it. Especially during the Festive season, we tend to express our love to our partner by posting a picture or a video which can again be exploited in unfathomable ways by attackers. Hence, it has become imperative to use caution while sharing anything online and to ensure that you don’t upload any such content that might pose a threat to you as we advance.

Keep an eye out for email scams: Hackers find it simple to trick people during the festive season using deceptive emails and links and distributing malware and viruses under the idea of a gift or exclusive offer. Particularly on social networking sites, there are truckloads of deals and limited offers that might be luring you into opening those links at the moment and regretting them later on. Stay clear of such email scams, it is crucial to refrain from clicking on links and opening emails from unreliable websites.

Data backups: Data backups play a crucial role in protecting your data against loss due to cyber-attacks. There is no guarantee against cyber crimes, they can happen anytime and anywhere, but one can always stay prepared in advance by practising data protection measures. Moreover, it is the worst nightmare of any individual to lose their precious data to a cyber attack. As a result, performing regular data backups is the ideal strategy to minimize the damage brought on by cyber attacks.

Set up strong passwords: When protecting your personal information, strong passwords are the best gatekeepers. It is undoubtedly simple to remember and use the same password for all of your accounts across several platforms, but doing so increases the risk of identity theft. Keeping unique passwords for each performance is crucial because it will safeguard your data from loss. In addition, allowing websites to capture your password is convenient, enabling hackers to tap into your personal information easily. Thus, updating your password every few months is the right thing to do.Cyber security: Need of the moment
According to Statista, the cost of cybercrime will double over the next five years, from $8.44 trillion in 2022 to $23.84 trillion in 2027. This data hints that as technology advances, various cyber crimes are anticipated to pose a new challenge to data safety and security. In addition, the growing dependency on social media platforms is another factor contributing to increasing cyber-attacks.

However, along with the growing number of cyber crimes, the importance of cyber security is also growing multifold. According to MarketsandMarkets, the global market for cyber security will increase from $217 billion in 2021 to $345 billion in 2026, with a compound yearly growth rate (CAGR) of 9.7% over that period. So, the best course of action to avoid cyber attacks and limit data loss is to adhere to key cyber security precautions.

(The writer is Director Mass Software Solutions)

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