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Engagement Ring Trends You’ll See In 2024 & Tips To Keep In Mind When Ring Shopping (PHOTOS)


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The holidays are coming up and some couples may be shopping for an important milestone in their relationship: an engagement ring.

Choosing a ring is a big decision and it can be difficult to pinpoint a design if you’re not sure what the two of you are looking for.

While some classic rings have been trending for years, other unique designs have only popped up recently.

Chau Lui, a co-owner of Canada’s Paris Jewellers, has been designing engagement rings as part of her family business for over 20 years, and she knows all about the trends to watch for in 2024..

She has worked with countless couples throughout her career, including Dancing with the Stars judge Derek Hough when he chose his ring for his fiancée Hayley Erbert. Lui also helped design To All The Boys I’ve Loved actress Lana Condor’s custom engagement ring.

The Canadian ring designer tells Narcity she loves helping couples choose such a special piece of jewelry.

She also shared the changes she’s noticed when people come to shop for engagement rings.

“[Couples are] talking about it together and whether it’s a surprise or not, we find that people come in knowing what they want, which is a really, really great tool,” Lui explained.

“I think there are so many resources, there’s magazines, Pinterest, there’s social media where you can look and find the things that you love.”

With both Christmas and New Year’s Eve coming up, Lui says it’s a very busy time for ring shopping.

If you’re planning on buying a ring, Lui encourages couples to start looking sooner rather than later as custom rings take more time.

It is of course easier if the style you’re choosing is already in-store for those couples who want to pick up a ring last minute.

“We do have customers come to us on December 23 saying they want to propose on Christmas or on New Year’s and if we can we will absolutely always try to make it happen. Sometimes it’s just spur of the moment,” Lui said.

So what are the biggest trends when it comes to engagement rings and what can we expect to continue trending into 2024?

Here’s what Lui predicts.

Lab-created diamonds

A model wearing a variety of lab-created diamond engagement rings.

Courtesy of Paris Jewellers

Lab-created diamonds have grown in popularity and Lui doesn’t see that trend going away anytime soon.

The co-owner of Paris Jewellers says these types of rings give the customer more options with both size and design.

“They’re able to get a larger centre diamond for a lesser price,” Lui explained.

“So I would say that if size is something that is important to them, we have that choice.”

Custom rings with unique centre stones

Engagement rings with unique centre stones in different colours. Right: A two-toned purple 'Toi et Moi' engagement ring.

Engagement rings with unique centre stones in different colours. Right: A two-toned purple ‘Toi et Moi’ engagement ring.

Courtesy of Paris Jewellers

Lui says custom rings are another style that is big right now and one that offers couples the option of a unique ring.

“There’s little details that might mean something to the couple, like maybe putting certain birthstones in the ring, their gemstones. We’re seeing this more and more and I love being a part of the story.”

Toi et Moi engagement rings are part of this style and a favourite with celebrities like actress Megan Fox and Perfect Matchstar Francesca Farago.

For Fox’s ring, Machine Gun Kelly opted for two stones, an emerald which is Fox’s birthstone and a diamond which is his, as per ET Online.

This type of customization is why many couples choose these rings.

“No two gemstones are exactly the same […] We’re seeing coloured gemstones really surged in popularity in the last few years and we do predict in 2024 is just going to continue to grow,” Lui explained.

Yellow gold rings

While white gold is still popular, Lui says she has seen record-breaking numbers with yellow-gold engagement rings in 2023.

“It’s very classic and it’s timeless,” she noted and added that some customers will choose to mix metals.

“What we’ve seen more and more is somebody having a yellow gold engagement ring and then mixing metal with a white gold diamond band. It really makes their engagement ring pop and then it goes with [all] of their jewelry.”

Round brilliant-cut diamonds

A model wearing a round engagement ring.

A model wearing a round engagement ring.

Courtesy of Paris Jewellers

Lui says a trend that’s always been really popular and will continue to be is the round brilliant-cut engagement ring.

“That classic round brilliant is always something that people do tend to gravitate towards,” the jewellery expert told Narcity.

“There’s so much sparkle and fire and brilliance in a round-brilliant diamond.”

Oval engagement rings

A bride-to-be wearing an oval engagement ring and holding a glass of champagne.

A bride-to-be wearing an oval engagement ring.

Courtesy of Paris Jewellers

Lui says aside from round brilliant rings, oval rings are a close second in popularity when it comes to the shape of the stone.

“It just is really beautiful because it always elongates the finger, it has a really nice look when you wear it. It looks really bold and big, but it is still classic,” Lui said.

“Another shape that’s really coming up [in trends] is the pear shape.”

Vintage inspired rings

A vintage-inspired engagement ring.

A vintage-inspired engagement ring.

Courtesy of Paris Jewellers

Vintage-inspired rings are another big seller and a style that offers more of a unique look as well.

The ring in the above photo has a marquise cut, which is an oval shape that’s narrow with pointed ends. It also comes as a set with an additional band.

“[These rings are] for somebody who loves the look of a romantic ring that has a lot of detail. Very, very stunning and we’re seeing more of that,” Lui told Narcity.

Even though these are the designs that are trending, the perfect ring will be different for each person.

Lui says she’s helped many couples choose their rings, and being a part of the process never gets old.

“To be trusted with someone’s engagement ring — I get emotional. It is an honour and privilege,” she said.

“I will never take it for granted because somebody’s trusting us with such an important season of their life and it could be a piece passed down for years to come.”

This article’s cover image was used for illustrative purposes only.

This interview has been condensed and edited for clarity.

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