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Dutch airline industry seeks to ‘future-proof’ sector


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The Dutch aviation and travel industry has unveiled a new “vision” for the future of the airline sector in the country including 10 “concrete” commitments.

More than 30 companies and organisations have come together in an attempt to “future-proof the airline industry for all people living in the Netherlands”. The plan has also been endorsed by the NATM, the Dutch travel management association.

The group, which includes airlines, manufacturers, industry associations and trade unions, said it wanted to draft a “joint action agenda” working alongside the Dutch public, politicians and partners to ensure the airline industry becomes “cleaner, quieter and stronger”.

The outgoing Dutch government has controversially tried to cut the number of flights allowed at the country’s main hub airport Schiphol to reduce noise pollution, despite protests and legal action by the airline industry. These plans have now been suspended due to pressure from the US and EU.

A new coalition government is also set to be formed in the Netherlands during the coming months following the results of November’s election.

The 10 commitments being made by the aviation industry include “keeping the Netherlands well connected to the rest of the world”, as well as meeting climate targets such as achieving net zero for carbon emissions by 2050.

The group also calls for more international train services and “excellent connectivity” with Schiphol, increased recycling and less waste in the airline industry, alongside quieter flights during both the day and night.

Marjan Rintel, president and CEO of airline KLM, said: “Only by working together with government, knowledge institutes and industry can we take significant steps to achieve cleaner and quieter operations. 

“The 10 concrete commitments adopted by the Dutch airline industry show what we stand for, what politicians can contribute to achieve these ambitions and what the Dutch people stand to gain. Together, let’s build a future-proof airline industry for everyone.”

Ingrid Thijssen, chairperson of the Dutch employers’ association VNO-NCW, stressed the importance of the country’s “network of frequent, direct connections to all the world’s economic centres”.

“History has shown that once such a network collapses it cannot simply be reinstated,” she added. “We should cherish this international connection, while at the same time more swiftly making flight operations cleaner and quieter. It’s good that there’s a plan for that.”

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