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Chinese president Xi Jinping’s message to the world: ‘No force can stop China’s tech progress’ – Times of India


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In a recent meeting between Chinese President Xi Jinping and Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, discussions centred on critical technological issues, notably the semiconductor industry. According to a report by CNBC, President Xi conveyed China’s unwavering commitment to technological advancement, emphasising that no external force could impede its progress.“The Chinese people also have legitimate development rights, and no force can stop the pace of China’s scientific and technological progress,” said Xi, as reported by Xinhua News Agency.
He underscored China’s dedication to pursuing mutually beneficial outcomes, advocating for a win-win approach in international relations.
Tensions between China and the Netherlands escalated following joint actions with the United States to restrict the export of advanced chip technology to China, citing concerns about potential military applications.
This move particularly affected Dutch tech giant ASML, which was barred from exporting critical extreme ultraviolet lithography (EUV) machines to China. These machines are pivotal in chip manufacturing, utilised by leading companies like Taiwan’s TSMC to produce cutting-edge chips.
Despite Chinese protests against export restrictions, the Netherlands remained steadfast in its stance. In response, President Xi urged for cooperation rather than division, emphasising the detrimental effects of erecting scientific and technological barriers. He emphasised the importance of dialogue and collaboration, dismissing the notion of decoupling as a viable option. “Creating scientific and technological barriers and severing industrial and supply chains will only lead to division and confrontation,” Xi said, according to Xinhua state media.
Echoing President Xi’s sentiments, Prime Minister Rutte assured that Dutch export restrictions were not aimed at singling out any specific country. He emphasised efforts to minimise the impact of such measures while maintaining fairness and transparency in business environments.
Rutte reiterated that decoupling was not a preferred policy for the Dutch government, emphasising the potential repercussions of actions detrimental to China’s developmental interests. Both leaders affirmed their commitment to dialogue and cooperation, signalling a willingness to engage in constructive discussions to resolve differences and foster mutually beneficial partnerships.

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