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British tourist warning as popular destination launches tourist tax


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Many countries and cities around the globe have a tourist tax where tourists pay a small fee to visit.

Tourist taxes take many formats and while some may just be a flat fee, others vary based on the style and price of a person’s accommodation.

British tourists who book a package holiday or cruise may find that the tourist tax is included in the overall price of the trip but should check if they are unsure.

Tourist taxes are sometimes paid on arrival at a hotel or guests may pay before they travel.

The taxes can be controversial and some British tourists even say a charge would stop them travelling to certain destinations.

Seville, Spain

In perhaps one of Europe’s most shocking taxes, tourists may soon have to pay to enter Seville’s iconic Plaza de Espana. The city’s plan has been met with a lot of anger.

Mount Fuji, Japan

Japan’s iconic Mount Fuji has faced issues with overcrowding and litter in recent years. The number of climbers will now be capped at 4,000 per day while each visitor will be charged 2,000 yen (£10.46) to do so.

Bali, Indonesia

One of Indonesia’s top holiday destinations, Bali introduced a tourist tax for foreign residents in February. Tourists must pay $10 (£7.92) to enter the island.


Greece will introduce a tax to help the country tackle the effects of climate change. The cost is expected to vary based on the time of year.


Iceland relaunched its tourist tax for 2024 which sees an extra £3.80 added to every hotel booking as well as a fee for overnight cruise passengers.


It’s not all bad news for travellers. While Bhutan still has the world’s highest tourist tax at $100 (£79.19) per day, this is lower than the previous daily tax of $200 (£158.38).

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