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Adam Silver Will Not Stop Trying To Ruin The NBA, This Time He Wants To Stupidly Change The Overtime Rules Of Real Games


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Tim Nwachukwu. Getty Images.

Adam, I am now legit begging you to wake the hell up and stop trying to ruin the league and the sport that I love. You want to turn the blind eye to tampering? Fine. Who cares. You want to refuse to fi your officiating? OK, that one is less acceptable but a reality I think we’ve all accepted by now. You want to pretend like load management isn’t a problem while the ratings tank because all the good players sit out? Fine, but nobody believes you. You want to create a midseason tournament of sorts for some unknown reason? OK, that could be cool if done right, but it probably won’t.

But this? Adam, what are we doing??

Having some sort of Elam ending is fun for the All Star Game, you know why? Because it’s a fake game. Do whatever the hell you want in a fake game because the results don’t matter. It’s even worked in recent years, despite not really impacting this season’s game, so overall I would say it works. Again, in fake games.

Maybe I’m alone here, but coming off one of the best and most interesting games in NBA history, the next move shouldn’t be

“How can we change things so this never happens again?”

This weekend was insanely fun for any basketball fan that watched. How you could then see that and think we need ways to change the game so that those same moments wouldn’t happen again is beyond me. It’s like the league saw Kawhi Leonard actually have to play legit minutes a game and then smashed the panic button. Poor David Stern is probably rolling over in his grave once he saw this tweet. You think he gave a shit that the best players had to play in highly entertaining games to the point where they have an idea to legislate that thing out of the game? No chance. 

I don’t care if this makes me old. I’ll gladly be called old if the alternative is stupid shit like this. Some of the best games in NBA history have resulted in 2, 3, or 4 OTs. Can you imagine if the 1976 Finals never happened because there was an OT target score? How about those battles between the 2014-15 Cavs/Warriors? No matter how someone wants to slice it, you’ll never be able to convince me this is a good idea. 

I’ll be fair here though. All these new ideas in the CBA aren’t all bad. For example, this is good

You shouldn’t lose your challenge because the same officiating problems that Silver refuses to fix end up screwing up a call. That was always stupid. If you win, you should keep your challenge and timeout. Seems pretty simple to me, so good on the league for figuring that out.

But this? Changing OT? Terrible idea. 

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some clouds to go yell at. 

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