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5 Love Cards of the Tarot


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The tarot comprises 78 cards depicting archetypal imagery that triggers our unconscious to generate thought-forms and ideas that are in turn suggested to the conscious mind which then takes certain actions to manifest the future predicted by the cards as was laid out in the spread. Is it purely kismet or is it appearing from the mystical realms of your imagination and contemplation?

If it is love that you’re looking for, then you can try to gaze at one of these cards for fifteen minutes a day paired with self-affirmations to watch your intentions take solid form. This is a definitive way to literally “manifest” your true love. You can even pair the cards or use them in sets of three because each love is different and the energies embedded in each card manifests a different outcome. What do I mean by this?

Let’s take the Lovers card for instance which signifies passion and the need to integrate polar opposites, but the Two of Cups is straight-out the twinflame/soulmate energy. Most people consider the Lovers to be the top love card, but in my experience, it is not so. This spot is to be given to the Two of Cups.

So, now going with what we learnt, we can pair up the Lovers and the Two of Cups to breathe into existence a soulmate love with unbridled chemistry and compatibility. Venus or love energy is most prevalent in the Empress card and it signifies a tactile love where you both won’t be able to keep your hands off each other if you pair this card with the Two of Cups, your subconscious connects to the hotline with your lover’s subconscious.

You get the gist of how tarot meditations can help you manifest your true love, so now let’s discuss five such cards that you can immediately begin to work with. I leave the pairing to your imaginations as you know best about the kind of love you’re trying to manifest.


Have you watched the American romantic drama with Ryan Gosling called the Notebook? If you have, then you know exactly what I am talking about and if you haven’t, then watch it! This film exemplifies the love depicted in this tarot card. The film speaks of undying soulmate love as the two protagonists lie dead in each other’s arms at the end of the narrative which took us through the fantastic and exciting time they’ve had together as lovers. But all that is lost in the present as the woman is suffering from dementia and remembers nothing, but her lover reminds her every single day of their past. In the end all is forgotten as they “sleep” peacefully to be discovered by the morning nurse. If you want this kind of love, then try gazing at this card after setting intentions in your dairy. This energy is so powerful, that you actually do not need to pair this with any other. There is equality, friendship and a deep understanding within the couple depicted in this card and it could be yours if you’re willing to manifest!


This is VENUS herself embodied as the Empress seated on the resplendent throne and this card will bring you a lover who is abundant, passionate, sexy and luxurious. In films when a couple make love through the night and wake up with each other and then lazily saunter towards the kitchen and make pancakes, laughing and enjoying each other, that is the energy this card exemplifies. It can very well lead to marriage and kids. This energy signifies luxury and material comforts, so if that is high on your list of priorities, then you might want to pair the Empress with any of the other cards that resonate with you. Couture lingerie, sizzling jacuzzi, pink bubbly and bling, visualize it and it’ll happen if you gaze at this card for the Empress encompasses this celebrity high-profile luxury romance. This card can also help with pregnancy if this issue is clouding your otherwise happy marriage. This brings an infusion of pleasure and compassion and all the comforts and security that you could find.


This is a nostalgic energy that deals with past relationships and if you’re unable to forget that ex, then focus all your attention and gaze without blinking your eyes at this card for eleven minutes every day. Think about your love, maybe he/she is your childhood connection? Bring the past memories to life. The man giving alms to the needy is symbolic of the universe gifting you with all the goodies you’ve craved for. Pair this card with the Two of Cups or the Empress and watch how the past connection solidifies into something tangible, something palpable. Your ex may suddenly drop a text or find you on social media, the magnetic pull of this imagery is so strong. It’s worth your while to consider that your pull towards this ex maybe because you’re in some way trying to overcompensate for innocence lost. That ex reminds you of a less complicated and care-free time, when your innocence was intact which is why you find it so hard to let them go. Even if you’ve enjoyed total bliss in a relationship in the past, keep in mind, that things change. Love is dynamic and so are feelings.


This card brings the possibilities of a heady romance, deep and profound feelings stirring in your bosom and where the values of the couple in question are in perfect alignment. But it’s not boring in any way. It is idealistic and deeply romantic with an extra serving of excitement and believe me this kind of romance is rare, very rare. That first kiss? That feeling of being high without inebriation? This is the kind of love you can manifest with this card! The butterflies-in-the-stomach kind and it won’t be a brief affair; it’ll be long-term and successful. If you’ve set your sights on your dream lover and you want them to reciprocate your advances, then set that intention and pair this card with the Empress and gaze at them for extended periods thrice a day.


One does not immediately associate the suit of pentacles with love and romance, but this card has the potential to bring forth and manifest a relationship that is stable, secure and comfortable. The butterflies-in-the-stomach feeling does not last forever, but what sustains a long-term successful marriage is “completion”! Completion is needed to make a success of anything actually and tens are all about such completions and Pentacles relate to the material world. If you want a stable home environment with material abundance, then this is your go-to card. If you want to create a lasting legacy and be revered by your descendants as the matriarch or patriarch who started the lineage, then be sure to etch this archetypal imagery on the depths of your subconscious. This card can also mean that you will gain financial strength with your lover, maybe operate in the same professional field and have shared goals that you both work equally hard to bring to fruition. Emotions and sexual compatibility can be enhanced by pairing this with the Empress or the Two of Cups.

In this text, we learnt how to harness the power of your subconscious and manifest your ideal love by gazing and meditating upon certain cards and if these cards appear in a love reading, then it translates to you moving in the right direction with the right person and can erase/ease doubts and anxiety adding to your commitment as the universe has now sent you an intuitive nudge!

The article has been authored by Tina Mukerji, a soul guide working with Astrology, Tarot, Psychism, Yoga, Tantra, Breathwork and Mantras. She works to discover the inherent archetypes, by studying astrological charts.

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