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4 mistakes you might be making at self-checkout


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Self-checkout stations are convenient and often less stressful than waiting for a clerk. Is it worth the risk of being taken aside and questioned? We have an easy way to make your dollar stretch on groceries. But today, we’re here to talk about self-checkout safety precautions you should be utilizing.

Below are mistakes you might already make at the self-checkout in any of your favorite stores.

1. Scanning things too quickly

Yes, you’re in a hurry. Why else would you be checking out on your own? Going too quickly, however, might get you stopped while checking out or walking back to your car.

Legal professionals urge innocent patrons to take as much time as possible during self-checkout to avoid raising suspicion. This good habit can also help you prevent accidentally skipping small items and other potentially costly mistakes, such as improperly weighing produce.

2. Using your cellphone at the kiosk

There are so many distractions in any store. Your kids, other people and, of course, your smartphone are all vying for your attention as you try to leave.

Chatting or texting on your phone while checking out is dangerous for the reasons described above. Small mistakes may lead to more considerable misunderstandings, so it pays to keep yourself focused and on-task.

3. Covering the camera

Most places like Walmart have a small camera trained on shoppers using self-checkout. Bags, bulky clothing and the stuff you’re buying might not always obscure its view, but it’s something to watch out for.

A clean, clear video of you checking out is the ultimate defense against allegations that may or may not arise later. Why block your ticket to vindication?

4. Buying too many things at once

Sometimes, pushing a full cart of groceries through self-checkout is nearly impossible. A bunch of items is more difficult to manage and might make a staff check-in at the exit more likely.

Some chains limit the number of items you can take through self-checkout, but not all of them. If you’ve got a lot of shopping to do, the best strategy is to plan on going on a day when you have plenty of time.

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